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With numerous solar contractors flooding the marketplace claiming to be ‘local’, it’s becoming increasingly difficult for homeowners to know if they are supporting a local business. Out of towners, that lack the necessary knowledge of local solar conditions, are dispatching crews from as far away as the East Coast! SolarShoppers by Revolt Electric is your local solar company. Our employees live, work and raise their families here in the local community. We are creating jobs and paying taxes in our community with the goal of building better future for our children and all that call California home.

SolarShoppers is Southern California's Best Solar Company

Our team is focused on an industry leading customer experience for every solar project we build. Our in-house solar installation and solar design teams have built over one thousand solar energy systems. Chances are we installed the solar panels on your neighbor’s house. Our philosophy of efficiency and regular customer communication, allows us to have one of the shortest solar installation times of any solar contractor. Faster installation times equates to faster savings and fewer hassles for our valued customers.

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At SolarShoppers our solar design and construction is performed under one roof by our own certified local teams. We install only industry leading solar panels such as REC LG and Canadian Solar along with SolarEdge hybrid inverters. All solar products come with industry's best 25 year solar warranties. You get a top quality solar installation backed by tier one solar equipment manufacturers. At SolarShoppers you can enjoy peace of mind while your solar system provides your home with clean low cost power for years to come. SolarShoppers also believes that  homeowners get the most out of their solar panels when they own them. We’ve partnered with leading solar finance providers to offer our clients the lowest monthly payments and most competitive rates. Our solar loan programs save substantially more than comparable solar lease and PPA products while providing up to double the savings over twenty years according to a recent article by Consumer Reports.

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So, if you’re tired of high electric bills and are ready to pull the plug, let SolarShoppers extensive experience guide you toward a high quality and locally installed solar energy solution.

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Shawn Heckerman - President
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Levon Juni - Vice President

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