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Very happy with our interactions with Solar Shoppers from the initial contact to installation and now we are totally connected. Kristen is an awesome salesperson and Adrian followed up by walking us through the rest of the process. Smooth and quick process from start to finish. James F. - Palmdale, CA - Yelp.com

Very professional, answered all our needs. Went above and beyond the call of duty. I give them a 10 star, for quickness, taking care business, following thru on what they say, punctuality, friendly. UNBELIEVABLE COMPANY!!! I'M TELLING YOU NOW SOLAR SHOPPERS IS #1 IN MY BOOK.
William B. - Palmdale, CA - Yelp.com

Great company! I could not believe the 5 out of 5 stars reviews, now I understand why. The entire staff was awesome, application, installation, and setup was seamless from start to finish and customer service is top notch. Their attention to detail is outstanding.  They even color match the conduit to your house!
Danielle P., Lancaster, CA - Yelp.com

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OAC. Full 30% tax credit expires 2019. Consult with tax pro for eligibility.

Best Solar Company

Voted Best Solar Company

At SolarShoppers we take pride in maintaining one of the highest customer satisfaction ratings of any solar company in the solar industry. Through service at our local design centers customers can rest assured that help is always right around the corner.

Efficiency is key when it comes to saving money for your household. This is why at SolarShoppers you get high quality solar equipment at the best price.

At SolarShoppers we focus on community, creating local jobs, supporting the economy and making our neighborhood a better place to call home.


Full 30% Tax Credit Expiring

Go solar by Dec. 31st 2019

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Step 1

Request a solar quote from us online. We will work with you to custom design a solar panel system for your home. We educate you on our recommendations and explain how solar works. Select one of our $0 down solar purchasing options, where you pay less and we will begin your solar project.

Step 2

Our solar designers will create your plans and our project managers will handle all of the necessary solar permitting and any required paperwork. We'll file your application with the electric company to begin the interconnection process.

Once the city/county approves the plans, we'll install your solar project and coordinate city/county inspection.

Step 3

Once your solar panel system is approved and interconnected our field operations expert will set up an orientation to demonstrate how the system works.

You will now be ready to start paying less for your electricity while investing in your home with solar!

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