Solar Tax Credit for Home Solar Panel Systems

What is The Solar Tax Credit?

30% Solar Tax Credit Lancaster Palmdale, CA

The tax credit for installing a solar system on your home or business has been around in various forms since the Energy Policy Act of 2005. Also known as the solar Investment Tax Credit or ITC, this federal program allows anyone who installs photovoltaic solar panels to deduct 30% of the installed cost from one’s federal income taxes. The credit applies to both residential solar, as well as, commercial applications and there is currently no cap. The solar federal tax credit does not apply to thermal pool heating solar panels.

The Solar ITC was originally set to sunset on 12/31/2016, but in the 2016 federal budget approved by Congress on 12/18/2015 the solar tax credit was extended for five more years and is now scheduled to sunset in 2021. One notable difference in this latest version is that rather than simply ending in 2021, the new version of the Solar ITC contains a step down over several years. This means that the 30% tax credit available today (2017) will gradually be reduced to zero for residential customers by 2021 as such:

  • 2017, 2018, 2019: The solar tax credit stays at 30% of out of pocket system cost (after rebates and other incentives)
  • 2020: The Solar ITC is reduced to 26% of the installed cost of a solar array.
  • 2021: The tax credit drops again to 22% of turnkey solar cost
  • 2022 and beyond: Residential solar will no longer be granted federal tax credits, but commercial solar installations will still qualify for a 10% tax credit
Solar Tax Credit Lancaster Palmdale AV
How the Solar Tax Credit Step Down Affects Lancaster & Palmdale

Is the Solar Tax Credit a Rebate?

For home solar customers it is important to understand that the Solar ITC is a dollar for dollar tax credit that will allow you to offset your taxes owed or paid. Thus, if you purchase a $30,000 solar panel system and you have the tax liability you will receive a $9,000 credit. For many taxpayers, taking advantage of the solar tax credit is straightforward. It is advised that you discuss any potential tax credits you plan to use with your licensed tax professional to ensure you qualify. The great news is the cost of solar is much better than the electric company regardless of whether or not you can use the tax credit. Think of the tax credit as a bonus.

Can I Finance the Solar Tax Credit?

In today’s residential solar market, many solar financiers offer tax credit financing where they pay the solar installer 100% of the system price, but base the consumer’s monthly payments on 70% of their installed cost. These kinds of financing programs allow homeowners to pay less than your current electric bill if you live in one of the many great solar areas of California and the American Southwest. These solar loan programs often allow consumers up to 18 months to file for the tax credit. The homeowner then forwards the refund to the finance company. If the homeowner decides to keep the tax credit they can do so. However we highly recommend applying it. Here at SolarShoppers our energy experts will answer your questions and are here to provide the information you and your tax professional need to make an informed decision. With time running out for the solar tax credit, there’s never been a better time to install solar! Contact SolarShoppers today for a complimentary solar analysis or stop by our local solar design center and meet with one of our solar experts in person.

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