Installing Solar Panels in Lancaster

Lancaster is unique in it's solar panel needs

There are few places on Earth where one can surf and ski on the same day or go from barren desert to alpine meadow in less than an hour. While we in Lancaster, CA take this for granted, such a variety of climates can greatly complicate construction of everything from houses to solar energy systems. This is especially true for solar panel installations, yet many of us wish to enjoy the freedom solar gives us from our ever-increasing energy bills during our long hot summers. Additionally, home solar has the added benefit of shading our roofs and lowering the temperatures of our second story and attic spaces. Keeping our home cooler is just one more way solar lowers energy costs in Lancaster.

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What's Different About Solar in Lancaster?

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Installing solar panels in Lancaster is unique from other California micro-climates in many important ways. First, let’s look at high and low temperatures for the Antelope Valley. Our hot summers consist of triple digit days while our winter lows can go well below freezing. Rain can be torrential at times and we even average two inches of snow annually. So you can see, unlike other solar locations, in Lancaster, we are a land of extremes. SolarShoppers brings our experience to our very unique home market.

These wide ranges of temperature and precipitation cause residents of the Lancaster to consume much more electricity than those living on or near the coast who experience far less annual variation. Yet, we have a unique advantage over the coast because we have significantly more sunny days. Consuming more energy plus solar production that is the envy of many parts of the world, allows those of us in Lancaster who have installed solar panels on our homes to literally have our cake and eat it, too!

Why Choose SolarShoppers

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Rooftop solar panel installation

SolarShoppers has installed hundreds of solar systems In Lancaster. We understand the differences between socal solar, at large, and the unique attributes of the of Lancaster's extreme climate and will custom tailor your solar panel system accordingly. And we build it with solar equipment that can stand up to wildly variable local conditions.

What's the Deal with Micro Inverters?

For example, we have found that microinverters installed in Lancaster tend to have a higher failure rate than other types of solar inverter systems. That’s why the engineers at SolarShoppers Electric have carefully selected SolarEdge as our go-to solar inverter solution. This innovative solar inverter combines the power of a central inverter with the flexibility of microinverters. Unlike microinverters whose sensitive electronics cycle through Lancaster's summer's hottest days and winter's coldest nights on the roof (where it can be 40+ degrees F hotter than ground conditions), SolarEdge’s electronics can be installed in the shade, on a north wall, or inside your garage. This isn’t to say microinverters aren’t a good solution for some as many socal solar installations use them along the coast and in the more temperate micro-climates with great success. It’s simply that Lancaster's unique inland climate is too harsh for these devices over time and the observed failure rates are higher here than in other areas.


Lancaster Solar Weather
Annual Weather Data for Lancaster, CA Solar Customers

Lancaster is Unique for Solar Installations

Again, Lancaster's climate extremes drive high electric, gas, and other bills. Therefore, when we are more efficient with our energy plus solar we’ve added to our roofs, we get a bigger bang for every dollar invested. This allows us to truly enjoy the freedom solar provides today and in the future. The combination of these climate and energy factors is now driving a kind of green convergence across our region the includes wind, fuel cells, smart battery storage, electric vehicles, plus solar and a host of other emerging technologies. If you are suffering under the weight of high electric bills, are thinking about (or have added) an electric car, or are considering any other energy plus solar home improvements, don’t let the valley’s green convergence pass you by. Contact SolarShoppers today or visit us on The BLVD at  703 West Lancaster Blvd and we’ll help you enjoy the freedom solar provides, now and for decades to come.

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